Our Process

Our six-step process can help shepherd you down the road toward success. From project identification to refinancing, our team of real estate experts support you during each stage of your journey.

Step one

Project Identification

The firm identifies a developmentopp ortunity that fits a set of factors and metrics that provide the most positive financial outlook for our investors. The finance team forms an LLC that will be the owning entity for the project. Finally, the team begins the work to acquire the project.

Step two

Financing - Private

Depending on the size and cost of the project, the firm will seek out private investors to become equity partners. These investors will receive an equity split of the project, which will be determined by the firm and the investors.

Step three

Design and Permitting

The team partners with the necessary professional services including architects, interior designers, engineers, etc. to begin designing the project. As the plans come together, the team will acquire the necessary zoning and building permits.

Step four

Financing - Bank

Once the project has been acquired, the team begins the financing process. The finance team works to identify a banking partner to obtain a construction loan. This loan will generally fund 75%-80% of the total project costs. The remaining costs are covered by the equity all the investors provide.

Step five

Construction and Project Completion

The team works with a general contracting partner on all aspects of the construction process –everything from groundbreaking through project completion.

Step six

Refinancing or Sale of Property

Once the project has been completed, the team determines whether to refinance the loan and work with a property management company to rent the property or sell it outright.